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Meet Our Co-Hosts

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Ian has had a broad range of experience including work in government, for-profit and non-profit spheres. He is a nationally recognized Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and an accomplished author. ​

​Ian has extensive municipal government experience, both academically and practically. Having also worked for the Department of Municipal Affairs in Alberta, Ian is aware of the relationship that municipalities have with the provincial government. Further, he is certified in change management using the ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement) model of change management. 

Ian is an expert on Strategic Planning and Sustainability Planning. He has further guided local government organizations in translating Strategic Plans into effective Corporate Plans that account for budgeting with respect to meeting the needs of ongoing municipal operations while adhering to goals that have been prioritized through an approved Strategic Plan. Ian is one of Canada’s few experts on Priority-Based Budgeting, leveraging the tool to assist in achieving sound Financial Planning.

Ian's areas of focus include: Good Governance, Strategic Planning, Corporate Planning, Organizational Reviews, Governance Reviews, Policy and Bylaw Reviews, Professional Development/ Public Speaking

Visit to book Ian for your next event or workshop or order one of his books.

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Christopher Brown 

Christopher Brown is the host of the online municipal news show Cross Border Interviews. With over two decades of experience in media and municipal administration, Brown has established himself as a prominent figure in local and municipal journalism, known for his insightful and in-depth interviews.

Born and raised in Newcastle, Ontario, Brown's interest in storytelling and public affairs emerged early. He pursued his passion academically, earning a degree in Journalism from Loyalist College and a Bachelor's in Political Science from Queen's University.

In 2019, Brown launched Cross Border Interviews, an innovative online news show centred on storytelling. On July 25, 2020, he faced a significant personal challenge when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Undeterred, Brown used his diagnosis as motivation, focusing on the positive aspects of life and keeping his mind engaged.

By 2023, Cross Border Interviews had rebranded, expanding its scope to provide comprehensive coverage of local government issues. The show offers a platform for in-depth discussions with politicians, policy experts, and community leaders. Under Brown's leadership, it has become a trusted source for viewers seeking to understand the individuals behind municipal councils.

Brown's interviewing style is characterized by his ability to ask probing questions that elicit insightful responses from his guests. His contributions to municipal journalism have significantly impacted public understanding and engagement in local governance.

Brown's work on Cross Border Interviews continues to inform and inspire, reflecting his unwavering dedication to the field of local politics. His journey, marked by resilience and a commitment to excellence, underscores his influence as a journalist and a community advocate.

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