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Advertise With Us

Are you looking to reach a wide audience interested in municipal government across Canada? Look no further! You now have the opportunity to advertise on our show and have your message heard by our dedicated listeners and viewers who are on the frontlines of municipal governments from coast to coast to coast.

At Cross Border Interviews, we delve deep into the world of municipal government, bringing you insightful conversations with various leaders in the field. From small village councillors and mayors to the mayors and councillors of larger urban centers, we provide a platform for municipal leaders to discuss the issues affecting their communities.

Why should you advertise with us? Here are only some of compelling reasons:

  • Extensive Reach: By advertising on Cross Border Interviews, your 30-second advertisement will be heard and seen across Canada and even around the world. Our show attracts a diverse and engaged audience interested in municipal governance and related topics.

  • Affordable Options: We believe in making advertising accessible to all businesses, big or small. With rates starting as low as $25 per episode or $100 per week, you can maximize your reach without breaking the bank.

  • Targeted Audience: Our listeners and viewers consist of individuals directly involved in municipal governments. By advertising with us, you can connect with decision-makers, influencers, and active community members who are passionate about their localities.

  • Unique Content: Cross Border Interviews stands out as the go-to source for valuable insights and firsthand accounts from municipal leaders. By associating your brand with our show, you can position yourself as a supporter of local communities and civic engagement.

So, whether you have a product, service, an upcoming event or a message you want to share, seize this opportunity to advertise on Cross Border Interviews today! Reach out to us now, at to discuss the available options and secure your spot in front of our engaged audience.

Join us on Cross Border Interviews with Chris Brown and be part of the conversation shaping municipal government in Canada!

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