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Horsman drops out: Hours Before Deadline filing for UCP Leadership

Jon Horsman the former ATB executive announced earlier in the week, hours before the filing deadline that he would be dropping out of the race to be the UCP leader.

"I have a great deal of pride in my team, and what we have accomplished, however today I am announcing my withdrawal from the race to be Leader of the United Conservative Party," Horsman announced via his website.

"While we are on track to meet the requirements of today’s deadline, it is a very crowded leadership race and having one more does not serve the purpose of why I decided to run - which was to contribute to the success of the conservative movement in Alberta by growing the moderate and inclusive base for the party," He added.

Horsman was the 10th candidate to announce his intentions to seek leadership, and many saw him as the longshot candidate as he had no previous political experience.

"I entered the race to refresh the conversation, to contribute a vision for the future of Alberta, and to bring my experience to bear on Alberta politics," Horsman stated. Adding, "Alberta is a land of opportunity that deserves the best from our leaders. I know that my campaign has had an impact and I am looking forward to continuing my service to Alberta."

While his leadership race is over, Horsman alluded to his future in politics moving forward, "As I stand down today, I stand ready to move forward with the UCP through future opportunities."

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