Province launches taskforce to address Homelessness

The Province of Alberta has announced a task force that will look at how communities are affected homelessnesses.

Premier Jason Kenney at a press conference stated how communities deal with homelessness is key to Alberta's recovery plan, "With a measured approach developed by experts and community leaders, Alberta will be able to adapt better to the specific needs of our communities."

CEO and president Calgary Homeless Foundation Patricia Jones a taskforce co-chair said that this will be the best way to ensure that vulnerable individuals are presented with rapid and easy access services and support.

Jones said in a press release that it will align with her organizations fundamental beliefs, "A cohesive, collaborative, unified approach to dealing effectively with the complexities of homelessness can best be solved when government ministries, social impact agencies and the community all work together with clearly defined accountabilities and shared outcomes."

Minister of Community and Social Services Jason Luan said that he hopes the taskforce will make a difference for people, "I expect this task force to move quickly with clear actions that make a difference in communities across the province"

A complete list of Members of the Homelessness Taskforce is below: