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Rempel Garner endorses Brown in CPC Leadership Race

Mayor of Brampton Patrick Brown has picked up an important endorsement from Calgary Nose Hill MP Michelle Rempel today.

Brown issued announced that Rempel Garner would serve as the National Campaign Co-Chair for his leadership campaign, "We are building a strong, hopeful and passionate team that will grow the Conservative Party to an election victory."

Michelle Rempel Garner said of her endorsement, "Conservatives need a leader that can build the broad multicultural, multifaith, values-driven coalition necessary to win in the areas where we keep losing – without compromising on what it means to be a Conservative or letting down those who have been party members for years.

"Patrick Brown has done this in the GTA, as a Conservative. And today, he’s released a strong platform for Western Canadians," she added

Rempel Garner becomes the first sitting member of parliament to endorse Brown, and the first Alberta MP to endorse someone other than Pierre Poilievre.

"I know that the team Patrick is building will grow the Conservative party to a victory in the next federal election. Nothing unites Conservatives like winning a federal election. I’m proud to be part of this movement and I’m in it to win it," Rempel Garner stated.

Seven candidates are in the race to replace Erin O'Toole, including Ontario MPs Pierre Poilievre, and Leslyn Lewis, Ontario Independent MPP Roman Baber, Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest, Saskatchewan Business Owner Joseph Bourgault, and Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, and former CPC candidate Bobby Singh Ontario MP Scott Aitchison is expected to announce his campaign on Sunday.


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