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Meet Our Co-Hosts

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Director, performer, theater critic, and entertainment correspondent are all titles you could use to describe the ironically named Michael Nichols (no relation to the late EGOT winner, Mike Nichols).

Frequently seen gallivanting around the theater communities in upstate New York, Michael, Nichols also gets to spend time as cohost of “No, Not Them.” As someone with 20+ years of engagement in the theatre community both in front of and behind the curtain, along with five years living in Los Angeles, cavorting with the entertainment world, Michael is thrilled to give his thoughts and opinions on entertainment, media, theater, and the overall hijinks and Tom foolery of celebrities.

Chris Brown Headshot


Chris Brown is a talented and versatile host, known for his popular podcast "Cross Border Interviews with Chris Brown." Born in Newcastle, Ontario Chris’s upbringing exposed him to different governments and different political elected officials which would later influence his career as a journalist and interviewer. Brown was always passionate about storytelling and communication, and he pursued a degree in Journalism from Loyalist College, in Belleville Ontario.

After graduation, he started his career as a journalist, working for local newspapers and radio stations in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Brown covered breaking news stories from all over Canada. He quickly became known for his ability to connect with people from different political parties, and different levels of government. His interviews became a highlight of his reporting.


In 2018, Brown decided to start his own podcast, "Cross Border Interviews," which focuses on interviewing people from different backgrounds and exploring their cultures, histories, and experiences. The podcast became an instant success, and Brown quickly gained a loyal following of listeners. One of the reasons why Brown's interviews are so successful is his ability to create a comfortable and respectful environment for his guests. He listens attentively, asks thoughtful questions, and always treats his guests with kindness and empathy. His approach has earned him praise from both his guests and his listeners, who appreciate his commitment to promoting cross-political understanding and empathy.


Overall, Chris Brown is a talented and passionate journalist and interviewer, who has dedicated his career to telling the story outside of the 15-second soundbite. His podcast, "Cross Border Interviews with Chris Brown," has become a go-to source for anyone interested in exploring different political leaders and backgrounds, and hearing from people with diverse experiences.

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