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3-Way Race For New Alberta Municipalities President

The Heron Era of Alberta Municipalities will be coming to a close next week, with municipal leaders from all corners of the province preparing to descend upon Edmonton for their annual Trade and Convention Show.

Cathy Heron - Mayor of St. Albert - has led the Municipal organization in the Province of Alberta for the last two years. Heron took over the position from Barry Morishita who stepped down from the role in 2020 to become the Leader of the Alberta Party.

With Heron's 2-year term ending next week, so far three names have come forward as potential replacements for Heron.

Andre Chabot - City of Calgary Councillor, Tyler Gandam - Wetaskiwin Mayor, and Trina Jones - Legal Mayor.

Gandam, currently serves on the Alberta Municipalities Board as Director - Cities up to 500,000, while Jones serves as Town's East.

Chabot ran against Heron for Alberta Municipalities President in 2021.

The deadline for all nominations for the 2023 Board elections is 11:59 p.m., Thursday, September 21, 2023.

Once a list is finalized we will have a complete list of candidates for all positions availabile.


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