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681. Sturgeon County Councillor Kristin Toms

Welcome to Cross Border Interviews, where we sit with local elected leaders across Canada.

Throughout this episode, We will learn who our guests are, what drives them, and how they work to make their community a better place for everyone.

Today we are honoured to chat with Sturgeon County Councillor Kristin Toms



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Apr 30

The "Voices" pages that have cropped up around Alberta are a response to land use bylaws that were far overreaching in Thorhild County. These pages are getting residents engaged in what is happening in their municipalities and how they can have a voice in pushing back on bylaws that don't benefit the tax payers. Too many councillors in our municipalities have gotten used to not being scrutinized by the very people who voted them in.


Apr 30

What is your issue with the voice of pages? It's letting people know what's happening in their community, what the county and town bylaws are....


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