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'Affront to Democracy,' Maverick Party says on Liberal/NDP deal

The shockwaves of the news that the Liberals and NDP had formed a partnership that would see the Liberals in Power until 2025 isn't sitting well with Maverick Party Interim Leader Jay Hill.

"Did voters in NDP ridings elect their MPs to give Trudeau a blank cheque to bankrupt Canada?" the interim leader of the western party said in a press release.

"It is the ultimate affront to democracy that the NDP has given Trudeau the majority he failed to win honestly just last September," Hill added.

While Hill's focus was squarely on the Liberal/NDP news, he has choice words for the frontrunner of the CPC leadership, "Pierre Poilievre believes if elected leader of the Official Opposition he could convince Liberal and NDP MPs to reject the coalition.

"If the Conservative Party couldn't convince backbench Liberal and NDP MPs to break with their leaders over Blackface, SNC Lavalin, the WE Charity funding debacle and the controversy surrounding the disappearance of two Chinese scientists at the Winnipeg lab, no would-be CPC leader will get them to vote non-confidence in their government. It is disingenuous to claim otherwise," he added.

His hope is for Jason Kenney, Scott Moe, and other western provincial leaders to stand up and start taking western autonomy seriously, "(Our party) calls on Western Premiers to stand up against Trudeau and Singh, and the further destruction on issues that matter to Western Canadians, and immediately draft legislation to enable the West to pursue greater autonomy from Ottawa on issues like natural resources, market access, equalization, immigration, carbon taxes and CPP. "

Maverick Leadership Hopeful Reacts

Maverick Party Leadership hopefuls weren't silent about the Liberal/NDP deal either, with Tariq Elnaga saying, "I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point the NDP officially folds into the LPC for more (money) and then form a “socialist” bloc within the party made up by former NDP’ers.

"It would lock in left voting ridings and give them a majority the next time," Elnaga said via twitter.


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