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Aitchison joins the race for CPC Leadership

Parry Sound - Muskoka MP Scott Aitchison has made it official, he is in the race to be the next Conservative Party Leader.

The Ontario MP made the announcement Sunday Afternoon in his home riding, "It's been my privilege to serve my community over the years, and I've never forgotten the honour it is to represent my hometown.

"If something is bothering us, we don't sit back and complain, we get up and take action. I've never forgotten the values that I learnt right here and I continue to fight for them in Parliament," Aitchison added. "Our country faces serious problems, and we need the right approach to solve them."

The two-term Member of Parliament enters the race with seven other contenders in it including fellow Ontario MP Pierre Poilievre and Leslyn Lewis, Ontario Independent MPP Roman Baber, Saskatchewan Business Leader Josephy Bourgault, Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown and Former CPC candidate in Scarborugh Bobby Singh.

Aitchison said that public office should be about rolling up your sleeves and solving problems, "It should be about coming together to give voice to every citizen, proposing solutions to improve the lives that we serve."

He added that Canadians are sick and tired of the partisan politics that has engulfed today's decorum, "The antics that you see in Question Period is not what they want, (Canadians) want us to get things done."

Aitchison wrapped his speech saying, "If you reject the politics of division and fear, if you reject the notion that you have to settle for mediocrity then join us. Let us show Canadians the right approach."

Candidates for leadership have until April 19th to join the race to replace Erin O'Toole. A new leader will be elected on September 10th.


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