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Alberta Government backs Edmonton with Money in FIFA 2026

The Provincial government is putting its money on the Soccer Field heading into 2026.

The Alberta government announced today that it will support the City of Edmonton’s bid to host the FIFA World Cup in 2026 with a maximum contribution of $110.12 million, with conditions.

Premier Jason Kenney said, "Alberta has a history of hosting world-class sporting events that are well attended, fun and safe, so FIFA 2026 would be a natural fit for our province. We’re supporting Edmonton’s bid because it makes sense – there are a multitude of economic and social benefits that will come with hosting the world’s largest soccer celebration.”

This funding commitment is subject to the following terms and conditions: Confirmation of federal and municipal funding for the bid. Acknowledgement and acceptance of the province’s letters of assurance as presented to the City of Edmonton and in response to the FIFA Government Guarantees. Confirmation that the City of Edmonton is assured to host at least five games by FIFA if accepted as a host city, and that at least two of these five games are at the round of 32 or round of 16 knockout stages. Confirmation that unforeseen security costs will be the responsibility of the city and the federal government. Allocation of one-third of the seating allocated to the City of Edmonton.

Under this agreement, A provincial secretariat will also be created. The secretariat will participate in the negotiations of the multipart agreement, oversee implementation of the province’s responsibilities and assist in coordination as necessary if the City of Edmonton’s bid is successful.


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