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AMM Spring Convention 2024

Welcome to 'Municipal Affairs”, I'm your host, Chris Brown.

Today’s episode is dedicated to the 2024 Association of Manitoba Municipalities Spring Convention, where councillors, mayors, and reeves gathered in the vibrant city of Brandon, Manitoba. Hosted at the Keystone Centre, this bi-annual event serves as a crucial check-in for municipal leaders from every corner of the province.

Throughout the three-day conference, attendees had the opportunity to engage in discussions, workshops, and networking sessions aimed at addressing the diverse needs and challenges facing Manitoba's municipalities. 

Among the distinguished guests was the Honorable Ian Bushie, Minister of Municipal and Northern Relations, who shared insights on the Kinew government's collaboration with municipalities and his vision for addressing their concerns.

After his speech, in an exclusive one-on-one interview, we had the privilege of sitting down with Minister Bushie to delve deeper into the government's initiatives and his role in facilitating dialogue with municipal leaders.

Additionally, delegates heard from AMM President Kam Blight regarding the work that AMM is doing to help Municipalities from across Manitoba. 

We caught up with President Blight on the convention's final day to gain perspective on the path forward for municipalities post-convention. We explored common issues voiced by municipal leaders across Manitoba, as well as the unique challenges they face. Our discussion also touched upon the eagerly anticipated Federal Budget release scheduled for later in the week.

But the conversations didn't stop there. Throughout the conference, I was able to connect with municipal leaders from across the province for insights and perspectives that will be featured on our sister show, Cross Border Interviews with Chris Brown. Tune in starting Monday, April 29th, as we bring you exclusive interviews highlighting the voices and experiences of Manitoba's municipal leaders.



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