Autonomy for Albertans: Jean Pitches Vision In Calgary

Fort McMurray Lac La Biche MLA Brian Jean was in Calgary Thursday launching the second leg of his campaign.

To a room of about 100 party supporters, Jean spoke about his vision for Alberta, his vision for the party, and the vision of a more autonomous Alberta.

After his speech, Jean spoke with the Cross Border Interviews about his vision and what he meant by Autonomy for Albertans, "Autonomy is all about values of the people that are involved and their needs and their wants.

"Satisfying the needs, wants, and desires of the people that it reflects. And in this particular case, I think most people would agree that we need autonomy in some form within Canada, for Albertans," Jean stated. "We need autonomy on a personal basis and we need autonomy on a professional basis."

With a short window before the next election, Jean will need to unify the party if he wins the leadership race that is set for October 6th. The MLA said that unifying the party begins on day one, "As long as we start from the beginning, that means that you can't be a sore winner.

"Some people have seen reflections of politicians in the past that are sore, sore winners. And I think that's why we're in this pickle," Jean stated. He added, "If we're going to win, we are going to need to bring everybody together and make them feel like they're part of the team."

As for unifying the province before the next general election, Jean said that the province needs to come together as there are great challenges that lay ahead, "Those challenges include the autonomy for Albertans within Canada. Those challenges also include inflationary issues and the fact that our oil and gas cannot get to market because we've had people in positions of authority, federally and provincially that have not pushed that