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"Brotherhood" Coming to Okotoks Starting Friday, Sept. 30th

The Canadian Screen Award-winning film Brotherhood will light up the big screen at Okotoks Cinemas starting this Friday.

Brotherhood, based on a true story, a group of teenage boys attending camp in Ontario's Kawartha Lakes in 1926 are sent hurtling into a fight for survival when their canoe capsizes in a freak storm. It's up to the two adult leaders - one incapacitated by the Great War and the other haunted by the loss of his son to the Spanish Flu - to try and save the boys.

Showtimes of Brotherhood at Okotoks Cinemas

"I wanted to bring in Brotherhood because it has this wonderful feeling of yesteryear," says Amber Umbach Wigg of Okotoks Cinemas, "I know people in our community, especially our seniors, have a fondness for stories from Canada's past, particularly ones about the golden days of summer, going to camp, canoeing, and being in nature, as deadly as it may be."

"A drama about facing a natural adversary in tandem with our community feels timely, after all we've been through," says Vancouver director Richard Bell.

Check out our one-on-one interview with Brotherhood Director Richard Bell below. (Please note it was recorded on June 23rd, when Bell was in Calgary.)


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