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Burrill looks for renewal in Nova Scotia NDP

Earlier this month, Nova Scotia NDP leader Gary Burrill made the announcement that he

Photo of Garry Burill from Gary Burill Facebook Page

was stepping down for the leadership of the third place party in the Legislature.

Burill said that he was stepping down to provide an opportunity to renew the leadership of the party before the next election, "I will be continuing as the Leader of the NSNDP until our new Leader is chosen, and I will remain, beyond that, as the MLA for Halifax Chebucto."

Burill has been at the helm of the party for over 5 years, being elected in 2016.

He added that it was the right time to leave, "One of the most important parts of leadership is knowing when the time has come for renewal, and knowing when to bring your own leadership to a conclusion. In my judgement, this is that time.

"Our caucus has just completed a strong session, in which we were able to achieve several important things, including a two-year extension of rent control and a commission on environmental racism," he added.

Burill took over the leadership of the NDP in Nova Scotia after the 2013 provincial election where the governing NDP were turfed from office in favour of the Nova Scotia Liberals led by Stephen McNeil.

In the last provincial election in August fo this year, Burrill saw the support for the party dip, and went on to lose one seat ending with only 6 sats in the Legislature.

No details on the timing of the leadership election has been announced since he announced the resignation.


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