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Chapter 3, Episode 89: The Future of the Conservative Party of Canada

We are month and a half from the 44th General Election night.

We are weeks away from the return of parliament.

We want to look at the future of the federal parties, and each friday until the return of parliament we will talk with party insiders/party supporters/past candidates to talk about the future of their parties.

Today on the show we talk with Conservative Party of Canada supporter Spencer Bennett.

Bennett and I look back on the election, we talk about where they did excelled, and where they fell short. We talk about how the Conservative need to go from election 44, and what they need to do heading into the next parliament.

And of course we talk about the future of the leader Mr. Erin O'Toole. Will he stay or will he go? It wouldn't be a conservative episode without a few mentions of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney.

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