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Charest scores first Calgary MP Endorsement

Calgary Signal Hill MP Ron Liepert has picked his horse in the upcoming Conservative leadership race.

Liepert is throwing his support behind former Quebec Premier Jean Charest. Liepert is the first Alberta MP and the first Calgary MP to endorse the former Premier.

The Calgary Signal Hill MP will serve as Charest Alberta Chair for his campaign.

Prior to entering federal politics, Liepert was MLA for Calgary West from 2004 to 2012, where he served as Minister of Education, Minister of Health and Wellness, Minister of Energy, and Minister of Finance, and prior to Provincial politics, he was a political staffer under former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed.

Of Calgary's 9 Conservative MP's, Ontario MP Pierre Poilievre has scored the endorsement of 4 of Calgary MP's including Len Webber, Stephanie Kusie, Jasraj Singh Hallan, and Pat Kelly. Mayor of Brampton Patrick Brown has the backing of Michelle Remple Garner. Former Premier Jean Charest has picked up Ron Liepert's endorsement.

This leaves Calgary Centre MP Greg McLean, and Calgary Shepard Tom Kmiec the only MP's representing a Calgary riding to not have endorsed a candidate.


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