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Claudia Chender set to take reigns of Nova Scotia NDP

The Nova Scotia NDP is set to enter a new era for the party tomorrow.

Claudia Chender is set to become the new leader of the third-place Nova Scotia NDP this coming weekend after no other candidate put their name forward to take over outgoing leader Garry Burrill.

On her leadership campaign website, Chender says "I’m offering a path to a new democratic government, one that puts people at the centre of its work and that addresses healthcare, affordability, equity, and the environment. Together, we will build on our strengths to grow our party across the province and chart a path towards a government and an economy that work for everyone."

The two-term MLA will be tasked with growing the party and bringing them back to power, a result that hasn't been done since 2009 when former NDP Premier Darrel Dexter defeated the governing PC's.

In a post on her website, Chender states, "New Democrats are not beholden to a few big donors, or a 200-year-long history of doing things one way. Our party was built to work with and for people across this province. Our focus is on a future where everyone in every corner of Nova Scotia can thrive."

Chender will be the 8th leader of the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party.


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