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Connecting Rural Canada: Clearwater County Gets High Speed Upgrades

Welcome to Municipal Affairs. I'm Christopher Brown. 

Today we have a piece of exciting news for residents across rural Alberta, and Canada.

Earlier on in June, a significant announcement was made in Clearwater County, Alberta, that promises to reshape the digital landscape for many underserved areas of the province. In a joint effort to promote fairness and connectivity for every generation, the governments of Canada and Alberta have committed $153 million in federal and provincial funding to bring high-speed internet to more than 14,400 households in 120 rural and remote communities across the province. 

Now this initiative, announced by the Honourable Goody Hutchins, Minister of Rural Economic Development, and the Honourable Nate Gloobish, Alberta's Minister of Technology and Innovation, includes extending this crucial service to over 800 Indigenous households.

We spoke with Reeve Michelle Swanson of Clearwater County about the announcement and what it means for her community, but also we talked about how the announcement has already turned the heads of businesses looking to invest in Alberta. 

This is Municipal Affairs.



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