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Conservative Leadership Hopefully Slam Liberal/NDP deal

News that the Liberal Party of Canada would be in power until 2025, with the support of the New Democratic Party didn't sit well with Conservative Leadership Candidates today.

Candidates raced to announce their displeasure and the apparent power grab that would see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in power until 2025.

Pierre Poilievre the MP for Carelton, and considered a front runner for the leadership said, '"The Liberals and NDP have struck a deal to prop up the Trudeau government until 2025. Our party needs a leader who can defeat this coalition on the floor of the House of Commons and in an election."

In a late-night video on Monday, Poilievre added that a 'socialist coalition power pact formed seeking to hold power until 2025,' and called on Canadians to voice their opposition to this Liberal/NDP deal.

Former Premier Jean Charest said that this was a power grab by Trudeau to hang onto power, "Canadians elected a minority government whether Trudeau respects that or not. This coalition is further proof that the Trudeau Liberals govern for themselves - not Canadians. They will stop at nothing to keep power, even if it means buying themselves a majority.

"While the average Canadian was struggling to pay for a tank of gas to go to work and drop their kids at school, while our supply chains were threatened and our economy weakened, Trudeau and Singh were making deals with Canadians' tax dollars," Charest added.

Scott Aitchison who announced his bid on Sunday said that the deal will not help Canadians who are struggling, "The Liberal-NDP pact comes at a time when Canadians are already struggling from the pressures of current government policy that spends at unsustainable levels without even bothering to think about the long term economic health of our country.

"The federal government already fails to live up to its commitments to fully fund our struggling healthcare systems, and now Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh want to force even more spending obligations onto the provinces as the Liberal-NDP pact shows," He added.

Leslyn Lewis said that the deal would ensure that Trudeau was less accountable to parliament, "(This is) A deal for less accountability, for more spending, for a government that Canadians didn't vote for. A deal they lied about when asked. We will fight their socialist agenda at every turn, and we will be ready to clean up their mess in 2025."

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown said that this was a secret backroom deal say subverted the will of the people, "It's very worrisome. Canada can not afford this. Canada can not afford further distraction by this Liberal Government."

Brown believes that today's announcement will not only be in place for the next three years but, "This will be felt longer than 2025, and the damage to our children and our future will be more enormous."

Roman Baber the Independent MPP from Ontario who is running for the Leadership of the CPC, said that this deal is the nail in the coffin for the NDP, "When (the New Democratic Party) voted for the Emergency, they abandoned workers. The deal with (Prime Minister Turdeau) is the end of the Party.

"Jagmeet Singh can't contest an election, so he joined the Liberals to form a radical left wing gov't. We will stand firm against their assault on democracy," Baber added.


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