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Cormier, Jimmo, and Kooiman Secure Council Seats in Carbon By-Election

Village of Carbon (Photo Village of Carbon Facebook Page)

In a pivotal by-election held on Thursday, September 21st, the Village of Carbon witnessed a significant turn of events as three new councillors emerged victorious, filling the void left by earlier resignations.

Travis Cormier, Rosalie Jimmo, and Marie Kooiman clinched the top spots among six candidates vying for the three open council seats.

The by-election, which drew 209 voters to the polls, marked a critical juncture for the Village of Carbon, as it struggled to maintain a functioning council following the resignation of three of its councillors earlier this year.

With only five councillors making up the council, quorum was unattainable, prompting the necessity for a by-election to restore the council's operational capacity. Until now, the Village had been administered by Alberta's Municipal Affairs, stepping in to ensure continuity in local governance.

The ballot featured six candidates Kooiman, Jimmo, and Cormier were running against Sheri Cooper, Stacey McKenna, and Christine Walsh. While the full official results for all candidates were not provided by the Village, the top three contenders emerged with impressive vote counts.

Cormier, captured the highest number of votes, and secured a commanding 182 votes. Jimmo followed closely behind with 124 votes, while Kooiman rounded off the winning trio with 110 votes.

The by-election results have breathed new life into the Village of Carbon Council, restoring the quorum necessary for efficient governance.



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