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COVID Hit Campaigns: Green and NDP leaders out

The Ontario Election is about to hit the COVID-19 part of the campaign, after the leaders of the Ontario Green and Ontario NDP have announced that they have tested positive for COVID-19 within hours from each other.

Andrea Horwath, leader of the NDP announced Thursday Morning, "Like many others in this pandemic, this morning I tested positive for COVID-19. We’re doing our best to keep everyone safe. I was looking forward to seeing folks in Northern Ontario. We’ll have to make adjustments but I’ll keep connecting with people however I can safely. "

Mike Schreiner the Leader of the Green Party of Ontario announced Wednesday morning that he had tested positive as well, "After close contact with a staff member, I tested positive for Covid 19 via rapid test this evening. I'm fully vaccinated and am feeling fine. As public health advises, I will self-isolate for a few days and will continue campaigning remotely from home."

This will ultimately throw a wrench into the last two critical weeks of the campaign, with the advance voting begining.

Both Schreiner and Horwath were recently on stage with Doug Ford - leader of the Ontario PC - and Steven Del Duca - Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party - on Monday for the Leaders Debate.

No word yet if Ford or Del Duca have tested positive.

The Ontario Election is set for June 2nd, 2022.


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