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Dang admits to "How He Did It"

Thomas Dang, the MLA for Edmonton South released his so-called "White Paper" that outlines the reason a search warrant was executed at his house in December.

In the White Papers, titled "How I Did It", Dang outlines the reason for the search warrant being issued and how he accessed the personal medical information of Premier Jason Kenney.

"The (COVID Reporting) website appeared to lack security features that would prevent a malicious attacker from scraping the website for the personal health information of Albertans," Dang wrote.

He said that he performed a 'fuzzing' on the website, "In the simplest of terms, I was testing the site to see if I gave it some information, would it give me back more information."

The White Papers said that the Premier had been open about his testing and birthdate, which were needed to perform the test and, "In a relatively short time, the program was able to find a (Personal Healthcare Number) record that had received a vaccination in the same month as the Premier and shared the same birthday. As soon as I was aware that a record had been found, I immediately stopped the script."

Dang states that his actions were his and his alone, but said that he contacted someone within the NDP staff to discuss the discovery, "While these actions were entirely mine as an individual MLA, I was a member of the Alberta NDP Caucus at the time.

"I immediately contacted staff within the caucus to inform them I had discovered a vulnerability in the COVID-19 Vaccination Record website. Immediately, the staff member expressed concern that I had managed to verify a breach and that I had attempted such a test," Dang added.

On December 21st, the RCMP in Edmonton executed a search warrant at the home of MLA - who was not at the residence during the search warrant being executed - and he was swiftly removed from the NDP Caucus.

In a Tuesday morning press conference, Dang defended his actions and said that he had to do the test to prove to the province that a breach could actually happen.

Kenney brings the heat on the NDP in QP

Premier Jason Kenney called on NDP Leader Rachel Notley to take responsibility for the breach and Dang's action, "Who else's private information did the NDP seek to hack into?

"And what did the leader of the NDP know about this outrageous violation of privacy?," the Premier added.

Notley responded saying, "That is why we asked him to leave and under no circumstances will he be coming back while this is an active matter."


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