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Edmonton-South MLA house searched by RCMP; Resigns from Alberta NDP Caucus

Thomas Dang, the MLA for Edmonton-South has resigned from the Alberta NDP caucus after the RCMP conducted a search of his house, according to Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley.

Notley in a press conference Tuesday afternoon said that the investigation by the RCMP has something to do with COVID-19 Health Protocols.

"We believe this matter relates to when Alberta Health inadvertently disclosed personal information through the COVID-19 website," Notley said. "The situation to the best of our knowledge is as followed: In September all Albertan's heard antidotal reports that they could access protected health information of other Albertans through the website," she added.

According to the Alberta NDP Leader, the search warrant was conducted earlier this morning, Dang was not home at the time but skiing with his partner when the search warrant was executed, but according to Notley Dang's relative was at the house when the search warrant was executed.

The leader added that the party has a policy that anyone under investigation by police must step aside from caucus until the investigation is completed.

"He is an ardent public official who works relentlessly for his constituency," Notley added.

Dang was the Alberta NDP critic for Democracy & Ethics, and Deputy House Leader.

He was first elected in 2015, and re-elected in 2019.

This puts the standing in the Legislative Assembly at 61 United Conservative Party, 23 New Democratic, Three Independent and one vacant seat.


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