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Enterprise To Boldly Go Back To The Polls

Hamlet of Enterprise, NWT (Photo Hamlet of Enterprise Facebook Page)

In a recent announcement via social media, Mayor Sandra McMaster of Enterprise, Northwest Territories, declared that the town is heading to the polls to fill three vacancies.

This decision comes after an upheaval in the town's council, marked by a refusal by three councillors - who were recently elected - to take their oath of office.

The departure of councillors Michael Zak Kimble, Malcolm MacPhail, and Charles Sutherland has left a significant void in the town's governance. According to local news reports, the trio cited a lack of confidence in Mayor McMaster as their reason for stepping down, a sentiment confirmed by Hamlet senior administrator Blair Porter, who was present during the resignation meeting.

Despite the setback, Mayor McMaster is determined to move forward with the town's affairs. "After careful consideration, it has been determined that an election must be held to fill the vacancies on Council," McMaster stated in her social media announcement. "As soon as we have a schedule to share with you, we will do so."

The decision to hold by-elections underscores the town's commitment to maintaining a functioning local government and ensuring representation for its residents. While awaiting the by-election, Mayor McMaster clarified that the council would continue to operate and address necessary business. "Council can still meet to carry on necessary business, as a quorum is the majority of members currently sitting on council," she explained.

As the community prepares to cast their votes and determine the makeup of their council, the spotlight remains on Mayor Sandra McMaster and her leadership. With the resignation of the three councillors highlighting underlying tensions within the council, the upcoming elections carry significant weight in shaping the town's governance and fostering unity among its leadership.

Stay tuned for further updates as Enterprise, NWT, embarks on the path toward rejuvenating its local government through the democratic process.


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