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Ep. 29 Linda Johnson

Welcome Back to another episode of the Cross Border Interview Podcast.

If you don’t know by now, my name is Christopher Brown and I’ll be your host.

Since the launch of the podcast I’ve been asked the same thing, why do you do this podcast? And I give everyone the same answer. This podcast is about talking to people in an intimate setting and just having a discussion. Today we find ourselves often becoming keyboard warriors and have forgotten the lost art of the conversation.

So with that in mid 2019 I started this podcast to achieve one goal, get people to have conversations again. With no notes, no prepared questions I sit down with subjects to learn about them, from them.

Today’s guest is no exception to that.

Today I sit down with Former MLA for Calgary-Glenmore Linda Johnson

Linda’s path to elected politics is fascinating, from working as a volunteer in the 1979 federal election to running herself in 2012 for the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta. Linda’s Path brought her to the heart of federal and provincial politics in Calgary.

We talk about here time in Ottawa, Her work for the PCAA, and her time in the Alberta Legislature. We also talk about that nail bitter of an election in 2015.

So here now is Cross Border Interviews Ft. Linda Johnson.

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