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Episode 320: Jebb Fink

Jebb Fink has more than 30 years' experience in television, radio and live entertainment.

He has built and maintained a successful career in entertainment and has become a popular local celebrity in Calgary, best known for his eight years on City TV's "The Big Breakfast" and "Your City".

Fink is easily recognized from his many appearances on CBC's "Just for Laugh's", "The Winnipeg Comedy Festival", the "Halifax Comedy Festival" and "Comedy Now".

He is a Gemini Award winner for the CBC sitcom, "The American in Canada", a project he co-created, wrote and performed about his life experiences moving from Los Angeles to Calgary.

Jebb Fink is multi-talented with a range from stand-up to emceeing, sponsorship development to video direction.

He also hosted Ralph Kleins' Roast hosted the roast for 4 years, W. Brett Wilson 50th Birthday Fundraiser, CAPL 75th Anniversary Hosted and produced video presentation.


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