Episode 342: Wyatt Tanton

Wyatt Tanton grew up in Camrose. Tanton says that Camrose is a part of who he is, as and he has recently announced that he is running to be the nominee for the Alberta NDP in the riding of Camrose.

Tanton said, "The world is rapidly changing, and we need someone who knows and understands the unique opportunities and obstacles we face in the modern world. Rural communities need strong voices with lived experiences in our communities to fight for us as we enter a new, challenging economic era for Alberta, and I want to be that voice for you.

"I will fight for strong rural healthcare, for quality rural education, for making life more affordable, and ultimately to make sure rural Alberta does not get left behind in a changing world. The rising tide of new economic opportunities is rising faster and faster, and I want to make sure that it lifts all our boats - whether you're in the trades, the service industry, the public service, or anything between and beyond," he added.