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Episode 349: Councillor Penner

Kourtney Penner was elected councillor for Ward 11 in the Calgary General Election on Oct. 18, 2021.

Kourtney Penner has roots and chose to live in Ward 11 with her family. As a community-minded leader she believes it is important to support community-building initiatives. With a strong value in relationship building, she knows projects succeed when we choose a mindset of working together, approaching challenges to find balanced, positive outcomes, and by using data to support decision making.

As a mom with school aged children and parents and grandparents in the city, Kourtney knows neighbourhoods need to balance the needs of residents across the stages of their lives. As a leader in the technology sector, she knows a thriving economy is vital to the city and creating a sustainable future is important to our global position.

As part of Kourtney’s practice with all the organizations she has served – she has brought this mindset to the table and continually asks these questions:

  1. How can we positively affect (or least harm) the most amount of people?

  2. What opportunities exist for different stakeholders to come together to create the most desirable outcome which may involve compromise?


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