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Episode 354: Danah-Lee

The way back to God, or to one’s religion, is often found first by finding a way to be true to oneself. With that, Canadian Christian pop artist Danah-Lee pulls back the curtain on such a journey in her cello-studded, piano-infused new single, “Home To Myself” — available now.

Arriving ahead of the artist’s forthcoming new album, Made In The Image — coming this Spring — ”Home To Myself”s chorus is simple but powerful and heartfelt: “I’m coming home to myself.”

And the process of coming home is one the Ottawa Valley, ON-based artist knows personally, having struggled with her sexuality in the context of her faith.

“For years, I grappled with being a Queer within the Church, and carried tremendous guilt – eventually deciding to stop worshipping God through song, because I did not feel worthy as a Queer,” she shares. “After choosing to love myself as a child of God, I rediscovered my faith and I believe there is a place for everyone in the kingdom of God.”

“Home To Myself” begins with bell-like piano and vocals that cascade like clear water. Introspective cello joins the mix, along with warm, honeyed harmonies blending Danah-Lee’s crystalline vocals with the rich, deeper tones of backing singer Jeremy Hardy.


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