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Episode 365: Colin Krieger

Colin Krieger is a 4th generation Albertan. Married for 27 years he has four adult children and now he and his wife foster children on their acreage. Family is one of the main reasons Colin entered politics.

Born on the family farm he also has a strong sense of community. He has been a truck driver, a successful oilfield contractor and the owner of an oilfield paramedic service. He has worked for and with companies such as Murphy Oil, CNRL, Suncor and Harvest Operations.

Colin has long realized that the West will never get a fair deal in Canada as long as most elections are settled before a single vote is counted west of Ontario. All political parties are forced to trade western interests to help secure eastern votes in order to form the government.

Only the Maverick party is solely focused on western challenges. Colin sees Maverick as the only truly grassroots, membership-led, a political party that gives all its MPs a free vote on all issues.

It is the only party where MPs are fully answerable to their voters. It is the only party with a real Recall option.

These are some of the reasons Colin ran as a Maverick Candidate in the Peace River-Westlock Riding connecting with thousands of voters in his community and winning over 2500 votes in the last election.


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