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Episode 387: PPC Lieutenant Kelly Lorencz

Kelly Lorencz is a Veteran who served with the Canadian Airborne Regiment and Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. He represented Canada on several tours around the world.

For the last 12 years, Kelly has worked as a corrections officer and has become a highly respected negotiator. This experience has given him the chance to observe and understand gangs, addiction, and crime — skills that will be invaluable in addressing our real-world issues in Parliament.

Based on his experience within the correctional system, Kelly understands the strong need to get back to family and community. These core values will aid the community in dealing with mental health and addiction issues while addressing the increased crime rate in the community.

Kelly enjoys skydiving, deep-sea diving, hunting, and being outdoors. He remains an avid shooter and spends his leisure time out on the range.

Kelly served as the PPC candidate for Calgary Nose Hill in 2019, the candidate for Red Deer—Mountain View in 2021, and even represented the PPC in the Alberta federal Senate elections in 2021.


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