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Episode 446: Councillor Rachel Swendseid

Welcome to Municipal Month on the Cross Border Interviews With Chris Brown, Todays guest is Okotoks Town Councillor Rachel Swendseid.

Okotoks Town Councillor Rachel Swendseid was born and raised in Okotoks and has called Okotoks her home for over 30 years.

She holds a BSc in Environmental Conservation with a major in Land Reclamation. Rachel has worked extensively across the province in oil sands, forestry and conventional oil and gas reclamation. For the past 10 years, Rachel has worked as a Natural Resources Educator in schools across Western Canada, helping students and teachers understand the science and multiple perspectives associated with natural resources development.

Rachel is a committed community member and co-founded an Okotoks not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing free essential baby items to Foothills families facing hardships. She is also a volunteer with Foothills Community Immigrant Services. Through these experiences, Rachel has worked with hundreds of Foothills families with young children and has a strong understanding of the role that municipal government plays in people’s lives. Her passion for the environment led her to becoming a member of the Okotoks Sheep River Valley Committee.

Rachel and her husband have two young children, two dogs and for the past several years had four backyard chickens as part of the Town’s Urban Hen Project.


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