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Episode 463: Councillor Kaïla A. Munro

Welcome to Municipal Month on the Cross Border Interviews With Chris Brown, Today's guest is Montreal Borough Councillor Kaila A. Munro.

Kaïla Amaya-Munro was born in Verdun, lives and works there. She is socially involved both as a citizen and professional. The municipal libraries, parks and public buildings have seen her grow up and more recently train for a marathon.

Issues relating to local development appeal to her; that's why she joined PME MTL Grand Sud-Ouest in 2019 as an industrial commissioner. Using her talent for bringing people together, she has organized circular economy initiatives and a bike installation there, an example of concerted action, urban art and greening. She has also worked to improve waste management, transportation, and employee quality of life.

As a consultant and manager since 2014, Kaïla has led organizational development and change projects. Her trilingual B.A.A and PMP project management certification taught her an analytical approach that she seeks to infuse with empathy and humanism. She’s always willing to lend an ear to both individual and organizational stakeholders in order to come up with the best possible project for all.

Social causes are particularly close to her heart. A volunteer since 2015, she now chairs the board of directors of an NPO in socio-professional reintegration through woodworking. She also works for Centraide on the compliance committee and is involved with the McCord Museum in preserving Montreal's social heritage. Mentored by the Effet A, Kaïla also wants to encourage professionals to make their mark.

In 2021, community and environmental issues are driving her to run for office. She is challenging herself and now wants to contribute fully at the local level as a borough councilor.


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