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First Town of Diamond Valley Council Elected in Alberta

The makeup of Alberta's newest town council is set.

On Monday night, residents from the Town of Turner Valley and the Town of Black Diamond voted for a new mayor and town councillors for the new Town of Diamond Valley.

Mayor Barry Crane, of Turner Valley, was elected as Mayor of the newly incorporated town with 1084 votes, defeating his only challenger Randy Williamson.

11 candidates ran for 6 vacant council positions.

Mayor Brendan Kelly, of Black Diamond, who decided to run for the position of councillor garnered more votes than any of his 11 challengers. Kelly secured 979 votes.

The new council will consist of three former Black Diamond elected officials and four former Turner Valley elected officials.

Joining Mayor Crane from Turner Valley will be Councillor Cindy Holladay, Councillor Jonathan Gordon, and Councillor Hazel Martin.

Joining Mayor Kelly from Black Diamond will be Deputy Mayor Veronica Kloiber, and Councillor Heather Thomson.

Diamond Valley will be incorporated on January 1st, 2023, with the new council sworn in at the first council meeting later that month.

Earlier this year, the Alberta Government and former Alberta Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver gave the final go-ahead for the two communities to amalgamate.

The new communities name came from two rounds of voting between the two communities. While the Town of Diamond Valley was chosen, other options for the name included the Town of Black Valley and the Town of Sheep River.


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