Former Lethbridge Councillor Miyashiro wins Lethbridge East Alberta NDP Nomination

The Alberta NDP have their candidate in Lethbridge East after Sunday Nights nomination meeting.

Former Lethbridge Councillor Rob Miyashiro will carry the Alberta NDP banner in the next provincial election after two rounds of voting.

In his victory speech Miyashio stated that the work to beat Jason Kenney and the UCP begins today, "Together we are going to make Jason Kenney a one term Premier.

"Although his own party might beat him to that," Miyashio said referencing the recent leadership turmoil in the UCP.

The former municipal councillor, turned aspiring provincial politician, added that the party is united is to win, "Working with all of you, with Shannon (Phillips MLA for Lethbridge West) Rachel Notley and the whole team, we will bring back reason and compassion to the legislature."

Miyashio spent most of his speech focused on the UCP government and their mishandling of files, "We're not going to forget the $1.3-billion bet that Jason Kenney made, and lost, on a pipeline that was cancelled on another country.

"The UCP attempt to create coal mines on the eastern slopes that threaten the very head waters that supply our drinking water in Lethbridge, and supply all the water for our Agri-Food businesses," He added.

The newly appointment candidate took aim directly at his potential UCP opponent in his victory speech, "Nathan (Neudorf) we are going to remember your silence, when the constituents of Lethbridge-East needed you to be vocal to represent our views."

"We are going to make sure that Nathan hears this clear message that we will remember the dark days of September and October when the health care system buckled under the weight of COVID hospitalizations."