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Former Quebec Premier set to enter Conservative Leadership Race

In the worst kept political secret of 2022, Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest is positioning himself to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Charest who has been meeting with Senators and Members of Parliament this last few weeks is set to make the plunge later this week.

Charest picked up the endorsement of Tasha Kheiriddin who has been publically musing about entering the race until earlier Monday Afternoon, when she announced via twitter that she was taking a pass, "I sincerely thank all my supporters and ask them to join me in supporting the candidate that I believe can best unify the party and win the next election, the Hon. Jean J. Charest."

Robert Fife of CTV News, said that Charest will be declare his candidacy in Calgary Thursday Night.

Pierre Poilievre, the Conservative MP for Carleton, is the only candidate to have formally declared his candidacy to date.

Prospective candidates have until June 3 to enter the race. The party will elect its new leader on September 10.


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