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Former U.S. Secretary Madeleine Albright Passes Away at 84

America's first woman Secretary of the State Madeleine Albright passed away at the age of 84 on Wednesday.

Albright served as Bill Clinton's Secretary of State from 1997 to 2001, prior to that she served as United Stated United Stated Ambassador. Prior to working in the US cabinet she served under former President Jimmy Carter on the National Security Council.

Our pouring of support for the former Secretary of State came from all parties and those who worked with the former secretary.

Current President Joe Biden said that the former secretary will always be known for his view on the country, "When I think of Madeleine, I will always remember her fervent faith that “America is the indispensable nation.

"In the years after she left government, Secretary Albright never stepped away from that belief. As the Chairman of the National Democratic Institute for over two decades, and through other organizations she advised, she continued to champion democratic principles as vitally important to America’s interests in freedom, prosperity and security," Biden stated.

Biden who worked with Albright during the 1990's when he was a Senator said, "Working with Secretary Albright during the 1990s was among the highlights of my career in the United States Senate during my tenure on the Foreign Relations Committee. As the world redefined itself in the wake of the Cold War, we were partners and friends working to welcome newly liberated democracies into NATO and confront the horrors of genocide in the Balkans."

The President that Albright serves under, Bill Clinton said that she was one of the finest Secretaries of State the Country had seen, "Few leaders have been so perfectly suited for the times in which they served. As a child in war-torn Europe, Madeleine and her family were twice forced to flee their home. When the end of the Cold War ushered in a new era of global interdependence, she became America's voice at the UN, then took the helm at the State Department, where she was a passionate force for freedom, democracy, and human rights.

"And through it all, even until our last conversation just two weeks ago, she never lost her great sense of humor or her determination to go out with her boots on, supporting Ukraine in its fight to preserve freedom and democracy," Clinton stated.

Former Secretary of State and First Lady of the US Hilary Clinton said in a tweet "I will always be deeply grateful for the wonderful friendship Bill and I shared with (Madeleine) and the unfailingly wise counsel she gave us over so many years. So many people around the world are alive and living better lives because of her service."

Another Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said of the passing, "Madeleine Albright was not only a trailblazer for women worldwide, but a fearless fighter for freedom on behalf of all humanity. She changed the world in remarkable ways."

U.S Minority Leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell said of the passing that the former secretary keenly knew that the US was a global power with global interests and global responsibilities, "Secretary Albright’s remarkable, pathbreaking life took her from fleeing Soviet communism as a young girl with her family to helping steer American global leadership from the commanding heights of public service half a century later.

“You didn’t have to share every one of Secretary Albright’s policy views to appreciate her dedicated leadership on behalf of our nation. I genuinely enjoyed the times we got to work together on shared interests including the ongoing project of helping secure a democratic future for the people of Burma," the Kentucky Senator stated.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said of the passing, "As the first woman to serve as our top diplomat, she paved the way for generations of women serving at the highest levels of government and representing our nation abroad."

Vice President Kamala Harris said of the passing, "The world lost a brilliant and beloved leader today. Madeleine Albright gave so much of her life to public service—always with intelligence, strength, and conviction. Secretary Albright was a mentor and a friend. I will miss her."


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