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Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber Wins Fort Whyte By-election

In the 3rd down of the final half of election night, former Winnipeg Blue Bomber Obby Khan scored a touchdown for the governing PC Party of Manitoba.

Khan won the riding of Fort Whyte with just over 42% of the vote (3,050 votes). The riding was previously held by former Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister who resigned in October.

Khan beat his closest rival Liberal Willard Reaves, who also played in the CFL for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Reaves came up short garnering 39% of the vote (2853 votes). Numbers are unofficial from Elections Manitoba.

Throughout the night Khan and Reaves were back and forth with each taking leads from time to time as polls came in, it wasn't until the last two polls - which were advance voting - that Khan was able to make it to the end and score the win for the government PCs.

Trudy Schroeder, the candidate for the Manitoba NDP, garnered over 15% of the vote (1,112 votes), while Independent Patrick Allard picked up 1.41% of the vote (101 votes) and Nicolas Geddert picked up 0.77% (55 votes)

The win in Fort Whyte gives the governing PC's a shot in the arm as they have been struggling with Premier Heather Stefanson low favourability rating.

The win tonight gives the governing PC's 36 seats, the NDP hold 17, and the third-place Liberals have 3 seats.

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