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From Mayerthorpe to India

Welcome to Municipal Affairs, I’m Your Host Christopher Brown.

In this episode, we delve into an exciting venture that promises to elevate the Town of Mayerthorpe, Alberta onto the global stage.

During a February regular meeting, the Council of Mayerthorpe approved a significant decision that is set to shape the town's future trajectory.

Mayor Janet Jabush and Acting Chief Administrative Officer Karen St. Martin have been granted approval to embark on an international trade mission to India, sponsored in part by Growing Globe Immigration Inc.

This trade mission, rooted in a partnership initiated back in August 2023, serves as a beacon for Mayerthorpe's aspirations to showcase its inherent charm and vast potential to a global audience.

The itinerary of this mission encompasses several cities in northern India and those nestled along the west coast.

Within each destination, the Mayor and CAO will have speaking engagements and workshops, drawing the attention of investors spanning various sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, textiles, restaurants, franchises, and beyond.

In an exclusive interview, our guest for this episode, Mayor Janet Jabush, will shed light on how this mission to India will not only shape Mayerthorpe's present but also pave the way for a prosperous future.

We'll explore the potential impacts, the strategic importance of global engagement, and the key takeaways that Mayor Jabush envisions for the journey ahead.

This is Municipal Affairs.



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