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Galisky wins Penhold By-Election

Cameron Galisky emerged as the winner of the Town of Penhold Council Byeleciton Wednesday night.

Galisky garnered 118 votes and secured his place as the newest addition to the town's council. The race was closely watched, with some eager residents eager to see who would fill the void left by former Councillor Mike Walsh.

With a total of 268 votes cast in this crucial by-election, Galisky's was a testament to the confidence and trust the community places in his leadership. The Town of Penhold will be swearing in its newest councillor after the official results have been finalized on Sunday.

While Galisky achieved 118 votes, it was significantly ahead of his closest competitor, Rob Burton, who secured 60 votes. Brandon Pringle followed with 47 votes, Mike Dodman with 32, and Samantha Miller with 11, respectively.

The by-election was called after the resignation of Councillor Mike Walsh, who stepped down from his council seat earlier in the summer. Penhold Mayor Mike Yargeau said in a Facebook Post, "Thank you to all 5 candidates for putting your names forward and congratulations to Cameron Galisky on your victory. I look forward to working with you!

As Cameron Galisky prepares to assume his new role, he will undoubtedly face a variety of challenges and opportunities. However, with his overwhelming support from the community, he enters office with a strong mandate to serve the people of Penhold and work towards the town's continued growth and prosperity.

This was Galisky's second attempt a securing a spot on Penhold Council. He had previously run in 2017.


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