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Gibson Triumphs in Village of Bittern Lake By-Election

Reay Gibson emerged as the winner of the Village of Bittern Lake By-Election, defeating his only challenger, Marilyn Dease, by 23 votes.

The election saw an active turnout of 87 members of the public, demonstrating a strong commitment to the future of this small village nestled just east of the Town of Westaskiwin.

The 2022 Alberta census states that the Village has a population of 216 residents in the community.

The unofficial total at the time of publication stands at Gibson garnered 55 votes, while Dease achieved 32 votes in total.

The election results were announced on Tuesday Morning, but the official confirmation is set to be declared on Friday, September 22nd.

The newly elected councillor will then be sworn in during the first council meeting after the results are official.


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