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Government Aims To Help Municipalities as Manitobans Feel Less Safe in their communities

Photo From Hon. Kelvin Goertzen Twitter Page

In response to growing worries about public safety and to provide crucial support to law enforcement agencies, the Manitoba government has announced a substantial increase in funding for the public safety basket and Urban Policing Grant.

This announcement coincides with the release of a poll conducted by Probe Research on behalf of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM).

The survey, carried out in the first two weeks of June, revealed alarming findings: only 5% of Manitobans feel safer in their communities compared to three years ago, while a significant 56% feel decidedly "less safe."

AMM President Kam Blight expressed deep concern in a press release, stating, "Only 5% of Manitobans feel 'more safe' now than they did three years ago. Think about that for a second. And this crosses demographics. Women and men, all income levels, all parts of Manitoba. If that isn't a call to action, then I don't know what is."

In Winnipeg this morning, Manitoba Justice Minister Kelvin Goertzen addressed the pressing issue of public safety, emphasizing the province's unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being and security of all Manitobans.

Minister Goertzen explained that the increased funding is a response to the mounting costs of municipal policing, which have been affected by both rising crime rates and inflationary pressures.

He acknowledged the critical role played by police officers, who risk their lives daily to protect Manitobans, maintain safe communities, and uphold the law. Minister Goertzen asserted the government's pride in supporting law enforcement and providing them with the necessary resources to carry out their essential work in keeping everyone safe.

The Manitoba government has pledged an additional $13.7 million, bringing the total funding to $55.8 million, to address the escalating costs of municipal policing. Minister Goertzen underlined that this investment is vital to tackle the challenges posed by rising crime rates and inflationary pressures effectively.

With this move, the Manitoba government aims to not only alleviate concerns raised by the AMM's poll but also take a proactive approach in enhancing public safety and supporting law enforcement agencies across the province.


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