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Green Co-Leader Brings Message of Unity to FCM

Welcome to Municipal Affairs. I'm Christopher Brown.

Today, we take you to the heart of Downtown Calgary, where this past weekend a significant event unfolded at this year's Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) convention.

The convention, a pivotal gathering for municipal leaders across the nation, had a speech from Green Party of Canada Co-Leader Elizabeth May.

As hundreds of municipal leaders, city officials, and local government officials gathered in the bustling conference halls at the Telus Convention Centre, May spoke to the attendees about working in partnership with Municipalities at a Federal Level.

This is Municipal Affairs.

*************************************************** Chapters: 0:00 - Opening

0:05 - Introduction

0:49 - Elizabeth May Speech

27:18 - Elizabeth May Interview with Municipal Affairs

35:25 - Closing Remarks

36:22 - Closing Credits



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