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Growth, and No Debt: Bernier Looks to 2022 in year end address

While failing to gain a seat in the House of Commons in Septembers 44th General Election, Maxime Bernier the Leader of the Peoples Party of Canada Party (PPC) struck an optimistic tone in his year end address to the media Friday Afternoon.

Speaking in Ottawa, Berner said that 2022 looks positive fro the PPC as the party has gone through some amazing growth in the last 12 months, "We received 5% of the vote in the election. We have no debt and we will receive half a million dollars from Elections Canada as reimbursement for campaign expenses. We hired four new staffers. Our organization is becoming more stable and professional.

"We will continue to offer Canadians a real alternative, and we will be ready for the next election, whenever it comes," Bernier stated.

During his speech, the PPC leader said that his party has become the only opposition to the Trudeau Liberals even without a seat in the House of Commons, "As I said on election night, we are the only real opposition at the federal level. The Conservatives under Erin O’Toole are even more intellectually and morally corrupt, and more irrelevant and useless, than they were under the previous leader.

"Both the NDP and Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives essentially agree with the Liberals on almost everything," He added. "(The NDP and Conservatives) did nothing to oppose the draconian, unscientific rule that you must now be vaccinated to travel both to other countries and within Canada."

Earlier this month, the Canadian Government announced new measures to slow the spread of the new COVID-19 variant Omicron.

Bernier who recently travelled to Florida said the Canadian Government needs to look at other models to deal with the pandemic.

"I spent the month of November in Florida with my wife Catherine, and I can tell you that there is another way to deal with this pandemic, one that respects people’s intelligence, as well as their fundamental rights and freedoms," the leader added.

During the speech Bernier, without naming them directly said that Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau loved this crisis, "The Liberals love this crisis. They are obviously planning to exploit it for many more years to grow the government, create new programs, and spend hundreds of billions more than they would have been able in a normal situation."

He added that the Liberals need to stop creating programs, and work to lower the ever increasing debt, "The government should also refrain from creating any new program that put our public finances even more in the red.

"When you create a lot of new money out of thin air, while the economy produces less and you pay people to stay home, what you inevitably get is inflation," Bernier added.

Turning to his former party, Bernier took aim at Erin O'Toole directly, "(The Conservatives) recently discovered the issue of inflation, but offer no solution.

"During the election campaign, Mr. O’Toole was proposing to spend as much as Justin Trudeau. And he wanted to take ten years to eliminate the deficit. Once again, they essentially agree with the Liberal government," Bernier said.


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