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Harper Picks Poilievre in Race to Replace O'Toole

Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Source: Stephen Harper Facebook Page)

After staying neutral in the last two races, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made the decision to back Pierre Poilievre in the race to replace former leader Erin O'Toole.

Haper made the announcement via a social media post stating, "(Poilievre's) been talking about the issues, especially the economic issues, that matter."

Under Stephen Harper, Poilievre served in two cabinet roles minister of state for democratic reform from 2013 to 2015, then minister of employment and social development.

Harper said that his former minister is proposing answers to the governing liberals, "He's proposing answers rooted in sound Conservative ideas, but ones adapted for today's realities.

"In the past several years he's been our party's most vocal and effective critic of the Trudeau Liberals," Harper added.

The former Prime Minister added the party needs to win the next general election, "In my opinion, Pierre has made by far the strongest case that he is the person to do that."

The party will announce its new leader on Sept. 10.

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