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Help Wanted: Greens Looking for Interim Leader

Today is the last day to apply to become the next interim leader of the Green Party of Canada (GPC).

The GPC is looked for an interim leader that will take over from outgoing leader Annamie

Paul. The Green job posting outlines a key area the party hopes the Interim leader will take the party until a permanent leader is chosen at the next leadership election, "Will help the Party rebuild and heal following the disappointing election result."

If you are interested you can sed your applications to The party has stated that the process will be fair, transparent and accountability to all candidates, "Council is launching an open selection process for an interim leader. Fair means that we use criteria to select the best candidate.

"Transparent means that we inform candidates up front what the timing, steps and content are of the selection process. Accountable means that all candidates can get a debrief and can be told which steps and which criteria they did well on, and which they need to improve on."

Applications will close on Friday November 19 at 23:59 Pacific time.

All candidates applying for the interim position must be in good standing with the party as of date of application, no debt owed to the GPC, no open litigation against the GPC, and have knowledge of GPC guiding principles, policy, platform, and positions.

In the last general election, the Green Party was reduced to two seats, down one from the last general election.

Green Leader Annamie Paul resigned as leader on November 10th.


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