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Holt Win: New Brunswick Liberals Have New Leader

On the third ballot, Susan Holt claimed victory at Saturday's New Brunswick Liberal Leadership Convention.

Holt, the first woman to lead the New Brunswick Liberals as elected leader, claimed victory after a 6 month campaign which saw four other candidates in the race.

Holt said, "The people of New Brunswick have told us they are tired of politics as usual. They are tired of the conflict and the fighting. They are tired of partisanship."

She beat former MP T.J Harvey and Former New Brunswick cabinet minister Donald Arseneault and current MLA Robert Gauvin.

On the first ballot Harvey had 33.9 per cent, to Holt's 32.12 per cent. Gauvin had 19.76 per cent and Arseneault had 14.22 per cent.

It wasn't until the last ballot where Holt came out on top, trailing Harvey for the first two ballots.

Holt will be sworn in as Leader of the Official Opposition in New Brunswick. She currently has no seat in the legislature.

Prior to entering the leadership race, Holt served as former Premier Brian Gallant's Advisor and was a business owner.

She takes over from outgoing leader Kevin Vicker who resigned in September 2020.


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