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Housing Takes Centre Stage at FCM

Welcome to Municipal Affairs. I'm Christopher Brown.

This past weekend Municipal leaders from across Canada gathered in Calgary for the annual Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) convention, and in todays episode we turn our focus to a topic that touches every corner of our nation – housing.

On June 7th, at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Convention in Calgary, a pivotal discussion took place between Sean Fraser, the Federal Minister of Housing, and Taneen Rudyk, FCM Past President.

The conversation centered on a critical challenge faced by municipalities across Canada – the struggle to provide adequate, affordable housing for their residents.

As we know, the housing crisis is a multifaceted issue that affects cities and towns of all sizes. From skyrocketing real estate prices to the lack of affordable rental units, the problem requires a coordinated effort and innovative solutions. During the discussion, Minister Fraser and Ms. Rudyk addressed these challenges head-on, exploring how federal and municipal governments can work together to find sustainable, impactful solutions.

Minister Fraser emphasized the federal government's commitment to supporting municipalities in their efforts to tackle housing shortages. He highlighted ongoing and new initiatives designed to increase the supply of affordable housing, streamline the construction process, and provide financial support to communities in need.



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