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Joseph Bourgault is in the race to replace O'Toole

Joseph Bourgault says that he's in the race for the next Conservative Leader.

Bourgault announced his candidacy on social media and is co-founder of the Canadians for Truth and Justice Organization.

A 21 second video posted to his Facebook page has a simple message, "My name is Joseph Bourgault and I'm running for the Leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada."

Bourgault announced his candidacy on March 10th. He was the 5th candidate to announce his entrance into the leadership race.

In past videos, Bourgault says that Canadians for Truth and Justice Organization was founded in November 2020 after what he calls "the man-made COVID-19 situation."

Bougault is from Saskatchewan, which puts him as the first Conservative leadership candidate to reside in Western Canada.

He joins Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre, Leslyn Lewis, Independent Ontario MPP Roman Baber, former Premier of Quebec Jean Charest, and Mayor of Brampton Patrick Brown in the race.


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